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Laser Marking, Engraving, and Cutting Applications

Laser Force introduces laser marking for identification purposes. The ability to mark directly on bare metals is in high demand for product identification in aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics manufacturing, and medical devices. Non-contact laser metal marking is the preferred method for permanently marking items with Unique Identification (UID) codes, text, sequential numbering, logos, or other identification information.

Laser marking is:
    •Fast, bold, and precise
    •Will last the lifetime of the imprinted material
    •Minimizes risk of part damage or deformation

Laser marking can be imbedded into an item′s surface or on a plate affixed to the item′s surface, or can be marked on a label as long as it remains permanently affixed throughout the life of the item being identified. Laser marking is ideal for accurately and permanently marking information on a wide variety of materials including:
    •Ceramic Substrates
    •Coated Metals
    •Anodized Aluminum
    •Stainless Steel

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